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Sunflower Contest 2014

Contest Rules:

This is a contest you will love. Simple to enter and fun to be a part of. Just
enter by growing sunflower(s) at home. Once the sunflower is in full bloom take some photos  and send them to The most eye catching photo will win the contest. That is all there is to it!  Photos sent in .jpg format and Under 3 MB will qualify.

Offer good for USA residents! No business entries please.


The winner will select a long or short board with their own personal graphic interests to be designed exclusively by Design Dakota, Venice, California. Shipping cost is included with the prize. 

I have purchased seeds for those who cannot access some on their own. If you want seeds send a self addressed stamped envelope to Gardens of California, PO BOX 3773, San Ramon, California 94583. Seeds will be mailed once a week until May 31rst, 2014. Or, just use your own!

Contest photos will be used on this and various media sites. The winner will be announced on October 25th, 2014. Email btg@gardensofcalifornia with questions. Sign into my guestbook .. and link up to social sites via the homepage ..  happy to have you! 

My contests are simple and friendly. General fairness terms apply.

Contest managed exclusively by Gardens of California

3/12/2014 .. Start Day .. Time to get growing where weather permits. For those still in the snow of things no worries! Contest date is extended to include you also! Go Grow!

Don't forget to share the post with your skating friends!

Good Luck! Bridget Guzzi, Owner, Gardens of California

Gardens of California long board. Absolutely Beautiful! Be sure to enter and win your own!

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